Founder of Alanna Hair Extensions

 Alanna is an entrepreneur, model, and actress. Alanna created this company for a divine purpose; To assist people in New York City and eventually, worldwide, into becoming successful talent entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry.

From the start of her modeling career, Alanna was regularly booked for hair modeling campaigns. Alanna quickly took the business route and formed co-partnerships and exclusive collaborations with several hair companies. She wanted to become very involved in the hair extension industry instead of just being the face of the hair brand.

 With her dedication and years of preparation, Alanna has formed her exclusive hair collection apart of her brand. Alanna has been able to help 100s of talented individuals with her networking throughout her years in New York City.  Along with her cosmetic line, film production company and extensive list of co-partnership collaborations, Alanna hopes that bringing all her businesses together will benefit talented individuals in the entertainment business.   

With over 12 years of experience with hair extensions, Alanna knows that 100% natural Southeast Asian hair is the best out of all origins, no competition.  Double Drawn, flawless looking hair is what books you for work and she makes sure every bundle is held to this high standard. 


Alanna's favorite go-to look is Raw Cambodian Body Wave Clip in Extensions! She wears the 360 grams set clip in extensions daily. She loves clips ins as it looks the most natural. And she takes them out of her head before bedtime without hassle. Aside from comfort, the amount of time she spends doing her hair is the ultimate factor. Being booked for an audition in the entertainment industry is very last minute. With clip ins, Alanna is able to get glammed up within 15 minutes tops. No need for hair spray or a hot iron. Just clip n go! 

By meeting many girls throughout her modeling career, Alanna has influence others to switch from their usual hair routine to adding some glam with clip ins.