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Cambodian Wavy Clip In Extensions

Customized Clip in Extensions We carry 4 different Clip in Packages
120 grams
240 grams
360 grams
480 grams 120 grams
5-Piece Clip in Set 
  • (1) - 9-inch pieces
  • (1) - 5.5-inch piece
  • (1) - 3.5-inch pieces
  • (2)- 1.5 inch piece
240 grams
8- piece Clip in Set
  • (2) - 9 inch pieces
  • (2) - 5.5 inch pieces
  • (4) - 3.5 inch pieces
  • (2)- 1.5 inch pieces
360 grams
10-14 piece Clip in Set
  • (3) - 9 inch pieces
  • (3) - 6 inch pieces
  • (4)- 4 inch pieces
  • (4)- 1.5 inch pieces
18 piece Clip in set
  • (4) - 9 inch pieces
  • (4) - 6 inch pieces
  • (6)- 4 inch pieces
  • (4)- 1.5 inch pieces
Please note the above mentioned clips is based on ~20 inches, longer lengths will have less pieces but weigh the same. For example: about ~10 piece set for 20 inches- 240 grams
  • (2) - 9 inch pieces
  • (2) - 5.5 inch pieces
  • (4) - 3.5 inch pieces
  • (2)- 1.5 inch pieces

36 inches 240 grams

  • (1) - 9 inch pieces
  • (2) - 5.5 inch pieces
  • (2) - 3.5 inch pieces
  • (2)- 1.5 inch pieces
120 grams equals 1 bundle of hair extensions
240grams equals 2 bundles
360grams equals 3 bundles
480 grams equals 4 bundles
  • For added length/volume to your hair  within 4 inches of chosen length (120 or 220 grams is fine) especially if you have 4A,4B hair. It will blend very well
  • For a full install, (330 grams) are required. and 420grams if your natural hair is braided down and will be using clips for entire head and want a full Glam look

100% Raw Virgin Human Hair Extensions

This hair is double drawn and QUAD weft


Feel free to customize your longer clip in extensions wefts. Please Note: Seal wefts with “Fray Check” or other weft sealers to ensure hair stays secure. To prevent shedding, seal your hair on the seams before installing. See our FAQ and Hair Maintenance Policy 

With over 12 years experience in the hair extensions industry, Alanna LLC have found the ultimate texture that gives our clients the ultimate curly look. Cambodian hair is the winner when it comes to the best curly hair contest out of all origins, no competition.

Why you would love Cambodian Body Wave

Our hair is double drawn, thick and full hair strands from top to bottom.

Our hair has over a 90% Longest Hair Ratio.

This means if you order 24 inches, majority of hair strand will be 24 inches!

We want our clients to look like they just walked out of a salon!

Thick and Full luscious hair Alanna Hair Extensions are 100% Raw and cut directly from one donor.

We do not add no synthetic fillers and are very selective on which bundles we sell to our clients.

We only sell supreme quality to our clients.

Low luster with medium density Each bundle weighs 100-105 grams

No Shedding or Matting!

Texture is a medium 2C texture Hair can last longer than two years

Cambodian hair can hold curls for days without hairspray. That's just amazing!

Can be straighten to a bone straight texture and return back to curly state when washed.

Fast Shipping EST

Read more about our Raw Double Drawn hair on our website, Feel free to email us if you have any questions. We look forward to your business.

Disclaimer: Each weight of the set includes the weight of the clips
120 grams equals 100 grams of hair plus 20 grams of hair clip weight
240 grams equals 200 grams of hair plus 40 grams of hair clip weight
360 grams equals 300 grams of hair plus 60 grams of hair clip weight
480 grams equals 400 grams of hair plus 80 grams of hair clip weight
It will take an additional 2 to 4 business days to ship your customized hair extensions.
Production Time 5-10 Business Days

If you would like your hair extensions' color customized, please select this link below

Custom Order Cambodian Wavy Clip In Extensions

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