What is the difference between Raw and Virgin hair?

100% Raw hair means it has never been chemically altered or steamed in any way.  With Raw Hair being completely unprocessed and chemical free, Raw Hair is the most natural, pure, and 100% authentic hair. There is no (9A,10A, 15A) because Raw hair is always the best grade.  Usually raw hair was cut from one donor and all cuticles are aligned. Raw hair is 100% unprocessed  human hair. 

 Virgin hair may also have been cut from one donor and cuticles aligned. However, it has been chemically processed. Virgin hair generally has that " perfect curl pattern". If you have purchased  Malaysian, or Peruvian hair bundles

Wait does that mean Malaysian, Peruvian, or Brazilian hair bundles are fake?

Yes and No. You are receiving real virgin hair. But the origin is different. For example, Peruvian hair bundles are chemically altered hair originated from China or India, not Peru. 

Where does RAW hair originate from?

The 5 main origins are China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma.

What is the difference between Raw and Remy hair?

Raw hair was cut from one donor and authenticated. Remy hair will be from multiple donors. Raw hair and Remy hair are both 100%  human hair.  With Raw Hair being completely unprocessed and chemical free, Raw Hair is the most natural, pure, and 100% authentic hair.  Remy hair is great quality and highly recommended by us if you are not too keen on the specific donor’s nationality. In addition, Remy hair is a lot cheaper than Raw Hair Extensions.

Hair Maintenance difference between Raw, Remy and Virgin Hair

Virgin hair maintenance requires once a month deep condition, and mild upkeep as it has been chemically processed to be in a "perfect state" after a quick conditioning treatment. No need to add oil treatments. With raw hair, you have to treat it with the same hair care as your own. If you give your hair oil treatments weekly, your hair extensions needs a hair treatment too. This applies to all Raw hair except Vietnamese hair. In fact, Vietnamese hair looks the best with no oil based treatments. Twice a week Deep Conditioning Treatments work fine. For curly hair, wrap your extensions around flexi rods overnight after every conditioning treatment.

Sulfate free Shampoo for both Raw and Virgin hair. We recommend NEXXUS hair products as well as CHI products. 

Is sealing your wefts important?

Yes!!! Definitely, Sealing wefts will be a huge help in having the hair last a long time and prevent shedding. Sealing hair is highly recommended , whether you buy our hair bundles or a different raw hair company. Sealing the wefts in Clip In Extensions, Lace Closure Wigs and Lace Front Wigs is highly recommended to ensure the longevity and prevent shedding. Hair sealed will last you 1-2 years at the least. Reseal after every 2 years. Of course if you decide to chemically alter hair, whether to change the color or texture, that will be taken into account for the longevity of the hair

How long does Alanna hair last?

up to 5 years! Yes, this is raw hair we are talking about. Definitely last a long time with great maintenance. 


Are you shipping during covid-19?

Yes, We are still shipping . 

Why Does Cambodian Hair have multiple textures?

Cambodian Hair can range from a 2A soft wave to a coarse 4A. Cambodian Hair has the widest range of hair texture. This is why Cambodian hair is perfect for those who want a versatile look but to keep the medium coarse texture. 

I ordered Tape In Extensions but I prefer to install them myself, is this okay?

Tape In Extensions must be installed (Application/ Removal) by a licensed cosmetologist. Installing Tape In Extensions are one of the most delicate procedures and requires your real hair to be "sandwiched" between two tape ins. If client decides void this disclaimer, Alanna Hair is not responsible for self installation. We understand a client may have preferences to install their own hair and we have many options to select from! 

For hair designs that are DIY ( Do It Yourself), please see our Clip In Extensions Collection, or our Super Double Drawn Hair Bundles Collection.

 Please Note: If client decides to void this policy, with self installation, Alanna Hair is not responsible for the outcome of the hair extensions. We highly recommend a licensed Cosmetologist that specializes in tape in extensions to install your hair extensions.


Why is my hair not jet black like virgin hair bundles?

Our hair is 100% Raw and because of that, we do not process the hair to dye it jet black. Our hair comes from Southeast asia and the sun naturally dyes our donor's black hair will be naturally dyed by the sun. This may result with dark brown ends or shades of brown hair strands through out the black hair. Raw hair will last for a long time and can be bleached and dyed to the client’s desired look. We highly recommend having a licensed cosmetologist assist in coloring your raw hair bundles.


I am going out of town for a month. Can I leave my hair in the mail during that time?

No. Absolutely not! As we clarified, all our raw hair must be washed weekly, or at least twice a month with NEXXUS shampoo and Conditioner. This is raw hair we are talking about. Treat it as your own hair.  International Shipping over 7 days should co wash hair once you receive it. This is standard protocol for majority of raw hair companies, whether you buy from us or another raw hair company. 
If you are going out of town, please let us know and we will happily hold it for you until you are home again. We have done this several times for our clients. It will be our pleasure to hold it for you.

Please note: If clients want to void our store policy and keep the hair order in the mail for over 7 days, or delay picking up their mail at UPS chosen pick location, Alanna Hair is not responsible for the outcome of natural raw hair extensions that are not taken care of. We want to ensure these extensions last you for years hence why we request you follow our extensive care package list. We also provide beauty gift cards to our clients for this reason as raw hair is high maintenance.

What is the processing time for orders?

Hair Bundles ( not pre-ordered) have a production time of 1-5 business days.

Pre Orders will take 4-10 Business Days

Tape In Extensions 5-10 Business Days

Clip In Extensions (not pre-ordered) 2-7 Business Days

Frontals have a processing time of 7-10 business days

Customized Wigs have a processing time of 7-15 business days after credit card has been processed.  

Full Lace Wig have a production time up to 21-30 business days 

Full Laces over 34 inches may take more than 30 business days to complete. The hair is every long and each hair strand is hand tied one by one. 

During Alanna Hair holiday promotions, processing can take additional time.

We are closed on the weekends. We thank you in advance for your patience.

 Please use our chat online to notify us if you need your order by a specific date.



We use United States Postal Services to ship our products.


Our Standard Free Shipping Travel Time:

Domestic 1-4 Business Days

International - 6-10 Business Days

For international orders, the buyer is responsible for paying the additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. 

This shipping time information is provided by USPS. You will be notified the date of delivery after your order is shipped and can track your package electronically.

 If you would like guaranteed 1-Day Shipping, Please select "Priority Mail Express" at checkout or for 1-3 days shipping " USPS Global Express Guaranteed " for International orders. 


 All sales are final and there are no refunds accepted. All orders are processed immediately after we receive it to ensure fast shipping for our clients. Because of this, modifications to orders can not be done. If your order is returned to us, unopened and directly return to sender by the postal service, We will issue a store credit for your order. If you have questions about the hair extensions you received, please email sales@alannahair.com We want to hear from you and want to make sure you enjoy your business with us.

  Any hair extensions that have been altered, colored, neglected, unraveled, washed or worn in any way cannot be returned or request an exchange.