Alanna luxury hair collection

Color Dark Blonde Silky Straight Tape In Extensions 30-50 PC 100% Remy Human Hair


For All Tape In Extensions Orders, we highly recommend having it installed by a licensed cosmetologist. Installing Tape In Extensions are one of the most delicate procedures and requires your real hair to be "sandwiched" between two tape ins.

For hair designs that are DIY ( Do It Yourself), please see our Clip In Extensions Collection


 Each pack comes with 35-50 pieces per a pack (100 grams) depending on the length

How many packs we recommend....



Length (inches) Your Natural Hair is 4+ inches shorter Your Natural Hair is same length as desired length
8 1-2 packs (100-200 grams) 1 pack (100 grams)
10 1-2 packs (100-200 grams) 1 pack (100 grams)
12 2 packs (200 grams) 1-2 packs (100-200 grams)
14 2 packs (200 grams) 1-2 packs (100-200 grams)
16 2-3 packs (200-300 grams) 2 packs (200 grams)
18 3 packs (300 grams) 2-3 packs (200-300 grams)
20 3 packs (300 grams) 2-3 packs (200- 300 grams)
22 3-4 packs (300-400 grams) 3 packs (300 grams)
24 4 packs (400 grams) 3-4 packs (300-400 grams)
26 4 packs (400 grams) 3-4 packs (300-400 grams)
28 4-5 packs (400-500 grams) 4 packs (400 grams)
30 4-5 packs (400-500 grams) 4 packs (400 grams)
32 5 packs (500 grams) 4-5 packs (500 grams)
34 5-6 packs (500-600 grams) 5 packs (500 grams)
36 6 packs (600 grams) 5-6 packs (500-600 grams)


Tape In Extensions must be installed (Application/ Removal) by a licensed cosmetologist. If client decides void this disclaimer, Alanna Hair is not responsible for self installation and highly recommend clip in extensions for clients that prefer self installation.

Alanna's Silky Straight hair originates in Southeast Asia

This Hair is 100% Remy Human Hair. Cuticles are align and silky straight.

For more information about Remy hair, see our FAQ Section:

You will love ordering our Silky Straight

Here's 13 reasons why

-Our hair is double drawn, thick and full hair strands from top to bottom. 

-Our hair has over a 90% Longest Hair Ratio. This means if you order 24 inches, every hair strand will be 24 inches! We want our clients to look like they just walked out of a salon! 

-Thick and Full luscious hair 

-Alanna Hair Extensions are 100% Raw and cut directly from single donor.

-We do not add no synthetic fillers and are very selective on which bundles we sell to our clients. 

-We only sell supreme quality to our clients. 

-Low luster with natural silky shine!

- Hair pack weighs 100-105 grams 

-No Shedding or Matting!

-Texture is bone straight. Very silky

-Hair Can Last Longer Than Two Years

-Our Silky Straight hair can hold curls without hairspray!

-Can be curled to a body wave texture and return back to bone straight when washed


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